Since 1993

A Psychological Thriller in Development

She is the perfect woman. Stunningly attractive. Walks gracefully. Dresses tastefully. Has a nice laugh. And an even nicer physique. Can make intelligent conversation. Doesn't throw tantrums. Maybe she can even skydive.


She is your DREAM WIFE.

You've found success; you drive an expensive car, own a mansion, and have money to burn.  On top of all this, you're fairly young, you work out and can make witty remarks.  But you haven't found your dream wife yet.  The women you date don't live up to your image of the ideal woman.

You've seen her, though.  Maybe you've noticed her in a restaurant, or in the lobby of a hotel.  Maybe you passed her on the sidewalk a few months ago.  So what now?

You won't meet her via the classifieds or a dating agency.  You can't just walk up to her and utter some silly pick-up line, because she'd rightly despise you if you did.  Even if you do have the good fortune to meet her at a wedding or a business meeting, you'll be disappointed to find out that she's already with someone else.  It would be useless anyway; guys are hitting on girls like her all the time.

What's left? You aren't some law-breaking psycho. You can't STALK her.


coincidence by design